Flowers of a Concrete Jungle

Cool, salty breeze grazes the skin. Under the warm rays of the sun, the brightest tropical hues of red, orange, and yellow glimpse through the palm trees. Soft voices and laughter are carried by the wind. The crystal blue waters carry the sounds of the tide washing along the sands and the reef, as Polynesian beats drum in the distance.

The beats drum with more bass over the concrete, skyscrapers and brownstones, the drilling, the honking of cars, the voices of people speaking in different tongues, and the trains pulling in and out of the stations to the next destination, as heels move rapidly on the concrete. The beat never stops. It only changes form and travels through the different spaces of our lives.

Urban Pua is a brand that marries these spaces where our active, & laid-back lives thrive. Our products bring fun, vibrant colors, and current, chic style to the multi-faceted woman, whether she’s grinding at a 9-5, dancing with her best people, or getting sun-kissed by the sand & sea. // We sell apparel that brings confidence, and comfort to the dynamic woman